DJ Phalanx – Balearic Summer Chapter 1

Balearic trance keeps the same “Balearic” timbre as Balearic beat, while Balearic trance is characterized by a higher tempo of around 125 bpm to 145 bpm, typically around 130 bpm. Being based in Spain, it is often derived from Latin music. It has a primary focus on atmosphere


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1. Tritonal feat. Meredith Call – Broken Down (Shogun Remix) [Enhanced Recordings]
2. SpArk Feat. Kirsty Richardson – Moments (Original Mix) [Stories in Trance]
3. Nuera – The Lost Island (Original Mix) [Magic Island Recordings]
4. Agamemnon Project – Offshore (Van Reef Remix) [CD-R]
5. Easton – Adriatica (Easton’s Guitar Touch) [Shah-Music]
6. Sunlounger – White Sand (High Noon At Salinas Mix) [Armada]
7. Arty – Twilight Tonight (Arty Remode) [Enhanced Recordings]
8. Balearic – Saltwater (Arne Gritzka Ibiza Dub) [Techno Trance Essentials]
9. Euphoric Feel- On the Beach (Trance Future Original) [TTE Traxx]
10. Temple One – Venus (Original Mix) [Enhanced Recordings]


“Chris, as usual, your mix is just awesome!:) you have chosen the most beautiful tracks!!
remix Shogun – Broken Downs is excellent! drift with Balearic – Saltwater(Arne Gritzka Ibiza Dab) was amazing!:) it like a nice summer dream!:)
again you give me joy!:) it’s a wonderful feeling!:) thank you so much for this mix!!:) have a magic summer night!:)”

“Wonderful work! Thanks for the positive emotions! You always give them to people! And congratulations to the beginning of summer! :)”

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